Freestanding Word 'Love'

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An unfinished “paint your own” pottery blank 3d freestanding word of 'Love'


Product Description

High Quality pure earthenware clay bisque. Smooth surface and anti-shivering policy.

A “paint your own” pottery blank in the shape of the freestanding 3d word 'Love'. There is a heart symbol included in this piece. You can use your imagination to paint this word any way you like, using bold or pastel poster paints or acrylics and finish/seal with a coat of craft varnish. Alternatively you can use Decopatch/decoupage papers.

Great gift for Father's Day or Daddy/Dad's birthday or Mother's Day. Make a lovely addition to the home décor, interior design, community and craft projects, fundraising schemes, schools etc. Ideal to personalise or customise for Valentines, Weddings, Anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, Newborn Baby, Mothers day, Birthdays and more.

This is a great craft item for children and adults to decorate. Ideal for creating your own hand-painted gift home decor item or personalised keepsake. 

Dimensions approx 8.5cm [h] x 16cm [w]

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